Hi, I’m Lauren

I love food and how it brings people together. As a result I cook and bake for a living – and it brings me endless joy.  78 is a culmination of years of dreams, my perfect “come home to me” restaurant.   I started my food journey at the age of 12 when I was helping my mother bake for a home industry.   I have not left the industry since.   Over the past few years I  opened 6 restaurants – some mine, some for others, I have done numerous full service pop up restaurants, and of course, catering.  The hospitality industry is my passion

Food has a special ability to bring people together.  We break bread, we discuss a delicious cake we have shared, we discuss our similar likes and dislikes (no fruit on a pizza for me)  It is the perfect ice breaker.

78 Havelock Restaurant is a place to do that, eat and be merry.  My hope for this shop is to show people food is fun and good for you.  With the harvest table menu changing daily, you are always sure of an interesting meal.  The ala carte menu has the old favourites, ready to create your next addition

Thanks for the visit and I hope you serve you in 78 Havelock soon 


Lauren  Nash